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Welcome to The Rich Stevens Show Online!

Our site is being updated, please check back soon.

You are just in time to see it!
The new site is coming...

If you want it, I got it! Spend some time and look around:) I am trying out this new web design. I thought it may make it a bit easier to find the things you want, and a little bit easier at that. There will be many different and new categories, including health and fitness, advice, credit tips, amazing deals, and lots more to come. 
In the meantime with gas prices so high, I can't drive my fast car as much, I may have to get an electric scooter, then I can save my money since mortgages are at a good rate again and I can save up for a new home. Then on the on the hand I can just stay home and listen to my great home theatre system, while watching my plasma on the wall, or maybe, I can get buy one of those awesome home gym's with the latest fitness equipment and get into better shape, on the other hand, maybe just get on one of those diet, weight loss programs and do it the easy way. All while I do some home repairs and leave some time to go out and golf a bit too.

In the meantime why not visit Rich's personal site @

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